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Business Web Sites

This section of Bizknowledgy deals with the basics of web related technology that one should know when one starts a Business. Today a business should have a web site even if it is only something like an online brochure. It is just expected that a business should have a web site. This is especially important for a technology related business.
You should develop a set of business requirements for you web site. What do you expect your web site to do for your company. Who is the visitor and what do you expect them to do once they arrive at your site? Do you plan to sell something to your visitors or is your site just for lead generation or information about your business and its products and capabilities.

Think about these questions and answer them. Make a list with the questions and answers. This will help you build the kind of a web site that your business needs. Unlike a personal web site a business web site should provide some kind of ROI for your business.

Remember you can answer these questions a lot better than your web developer because you know your business and your customers a lot better than they ever will. Once you have built the first version of your web site you should gather feedback and see if you assumptions were correct. Make adjustments to your site as needed so that it works well for your visitors/customers and your business.

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