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Business Planning

Knowing how to write a business plan is not generally in the skill set of most technical people. However in order to start a company and get funding for it, one must have this skill. In trying to learn how to write a business plan I found that many of the resources and books seemed to be written by MBAs for MBAs. They used a lot of business jargon terms that I did not really understand and found confusing and bewildering. In this section of my site I want to save others from this steep learning curve and the pain of reading books that use fancy business jargon to explain something that is actually very simple once one understands it.

Once I figured out what was in a business plan I put it all in a presentation, The Essential Elements of Information In a Business Plan.It decomposes the information in a business plan in simple English that anyone can understand. There is no MBA jargon to confuse people. It is logical, simple and makes sense. I gave this presentation to a business group I belong to and all agreed that it was a good resource for teaching business planning. I also sent a copy to a venture capitalist I know and she also said that the points in my presentation were the major pieces of information that make up a business plan.

There are also a set of notes which describe the information in the presentation in more detail see Business Planning Notes. These two documents should help you with the content of your business planning document. Remember, it is just a document and much like a specification for your business. There is nothing magical about business plan documents, once you learn how to do it you can write a good one.

Some of the resources in the Business Planning Resources section will help pick a format for your document. Your document should be clear and concise and have a simple layout that makes key points easy to find and understand. Although there are a variety of recommendations on length of the document a ballpark range of length is a minimum 10 pages to a maximum of 25 pages. Remember no one wants to read or will read a 100 page business plan. That includes investors.
Hope this has helped you.